I’ve always loved cycling. This is my attempt to articulate the etiquette, politics and style of cycling.

Who am I? I’ve been riding bikes for nearly 40 years trying everything from tricycles to cyclocross. I don’t work in the cycling industry or the fashion business but have plenty of opinions on style. For the record, anything that keeps people on two wheels and gets more folks into cycling is good. Whilst I’ll poke fun at certain groups, it’s harmless and it’s just my opinion.

Why am I doing this? Somewhere in amongst all these threads is the potential for a book (so if you’re a literary agent or publisher who thinks this theme has a snowflakes chance in hell of being published please get in touch). I have some other ideas too, but they’re still a bit half-baked. I suppose like most bloggers I’ve got ideas and this is a great way of sharing them.

Want me to write something for you? Do you like what you see? If you want guest blogging, articles, Hollywood screen plays (a remake Quicksilver is long overdue), website copy, reviewing copy, proof reading – if it’s got words in it and there’s even a tenuous link to cycling I’m interested in helping.

Credits. All the material on here is written by me, unless attributed to someone else. Most of the images are taken from other sites, where I credit the site and the photographer

Contact. My opinionated ego needs stroking. Follow me on WordPress and please comment on what you see. Think I’m talking rubbish? Don’t just sigh and roll your eyes, set me straight.

I’m finding that most of the best writing about cycling is now on the web, particularly on blogs. If you’ve got a blog please add me to your blog roll and I’ll do the same in return.

Twitter @cyclostyle

Email Andrewrolf@yahoo.com


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