Cycling angels at the Olympic opening ceremony

Remember where you heard it first; Cyclostyle. Among the many amazing sights at this year’s Olympic Opening Ceremony – set your alarm for 20.12 GMT – will be cycling angels. Hopefully this is a reference to the heavenly status of the GB elite cycling team or some form of signal for divine intervention to assist our riders. Hopefully it’s not Danny Boyle’s reference to the number of cyclists involved in accidents on the capital’s roads.

cycling angels

cycling angels

This week’s ES magazine concentrates, understandably, on the elite of the GB Olympics team. Who’d have expected that of the 50 pages, 12 were either about cyclists, or were product endorsements by cyclists. The magazine features 29 athletes, of which 7 are GB cyclists –  I’ve cheekily included the Brownlee brothers, who as triathletes are 1/3 cyclists. Also, breaking out of the sporting bubble and into the real world, the “My London” back page is penned by Mark Cavendish.

ES goes cycling crazy

ES goes cycling crazy

Right, I’m off to camp on the side of Box Hill and watch some medals being won!


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