Summer event exhaustion

What an exhausting year! Diamond jubilee; we’ve got that out of the way. Time to take the union jack bunting down and replace it with the Olympic bunting. The Olympic torch relay passes our house 19 daysm from today. Fortunately the England football team solved any sporting clashes with their Euro 2012 exit – phew. Wimbledon’s just started and there’s 30 days, 6 hours (and counting) until the Olympics.

It's like totally a countdown, yah? via BBC Twenty Twelve

It’s like totally a countdown, yah? via BBC Twenty Twelve

If that wasn’t enough we’ve got to squeeze in 20 days of racing Tour de France in before the Olympics. In the Sky PR dreamland, Bradley’s going to win yellow and in return he’ll help Cavendish win gold (to make up for the Beijing Madison debacle).

When’s it going to end? When’s the publicity media machine going to give us a break? Weren’t summers meant to be about sandy ice creams on a windswept beach?

It’s no wonder that the newspapers are reporting a summer of Olympic “sickies”. Apparently a survey has found that 7% of the country (or 4.8 million people) are planning some unplanned leave. Folks aren’t going to be watching the 100 metres final, they’ll be lying down in a darkened room, ear plugs in, eye mask on just taking a breather.

Acclaimed British philosopher, logician, mathematician, historian and social critic Bertrand Russell was onto something. He thought there was too much work and not enough leisure time. In his essay “In Praise of Idleness” Russell suggests that wage earners should work for four hours a day leaving the remainder for “leisure time”. This wasn’t a case of simply slacking off, more an opportunity for conscious, civic endeavours. Whereas I would be settling down to watch the Tour prologue, Russell was busy founding the CND in his downtime.

In a bizarre and unplanned connection to Cyclostyle, Russell apparently decided that he no longer loved his first wife Alys Pearsall Smith whilst riding a bike. Is says so on Wikipedia, so it’s got to be true.


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