Diamonds are a girl’s best friend – £25,000 bling bike

Yesterday’s Evening Standard carried a full page story about a £25k bike. Now in the run up to the Olympics you might imagine some wind-tunnel conceived carbon speed machine would come with a £25k price tag. But no, in this instance, £25k will buy you a steel framed commuter bike called the Brogue. The bike’s a promotional vehicle for jeweller Nicholas Fitch and leather designer Simon Harcourt.

It comes with some fancy leather sleeves on the tubing, oh and solid silver, diamond-encrusted handle bar grips. Remove those (and I’m sure every self-respecting bike thief will be eager to) and you’re left with a 500 quid commuter – think the excellent Charge Plug. The point about component theft is a serious one: why bother trying to steal a whole bike, when an Allen key and a pair of wire cutters could see you with 24 grand’s worth of bars and levers?

Brogue bling bike – yours for £25000 via Evening Standard

The statement “everything had to be finished to the highest quality. We are perfectionists…” made me smile, especially when you look at the specification. Dia Comp bakes, Sturmey-Archer five speed hub gears and a Halo wheels are hardly exotic.

The target audience for the bike is apparently the “dandy”. I struggle to think of a modern day dandy: Russell Brand, David Walliams, I can’t imagine any of them cruising around something as common as a bicycle.


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