A quick chat with Triple Crown winner Stephen Roche

I’ve just spoken to an all time cycling hero, triple crown winner in 1987, Stephen Roche. Ok, technically we engaged via the medium of Twitter. He is from what I consider the zenith of pro cycling between 1984 and 1992. The period covers Huinault’s fifth Tour de France, Lemond’s three wins, Fignon’s second win, Millar winning King of the Mountains, Kelly in Green (twice), Boardman’s Barcelona gold and Stephen Roche’s triple. In 1987 Roche won the Tour de France, the Giro d’Italia and the World championships: cycling’s Tripple Crown. Something few have achieved. He also happened to be riding for the ultra stylish Carerra team (ok, the denim-look Lycra shorts were a fashion crime) with their jaw-dropping Battaglins sporting the sculpturally supreme Campagnolo Deltas.

I’m due to hear Roche in conversation with Will Fotheringham at the Hay Book Festival. This exchange sums up what I find so interesting about the reach of social media.

Our exchange went something like this;


Ok preparing to head off to Hay Book Festival tomorrow. Is there a dress code, heard I might need Wellington boots

@cyclostyle (that’s me)

A kayak would be more useful. Looking forward to hearing you

@stephenj_roche (Tour, Giro and World Champion winner) replies, (yes actually REPLIES)

sounds v wet. A life jacket as well?

And that was it. Say what you like about the vapid nature of social media, but one thing (as this exchange) demonstrates is it offers amazing connectivitiy.


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