Trend watching – Giro d’Italia

In the seemly never-ending “ooh isn’t cycling just so darn cool” series, Mark Cavendish was yesterday trending on Yahoo and took a slot on their homepage video. In internet terms this is like pasting enormous photos of yourself all over Times Square, Leicester Square, Red Square, Trafalgar Square, Plaza Mayor, Tiananmen Square…in fact any public space with high footfall and four equidistant sides

Cavendish trends on Yahoo


So why did he get on there? On Monday he had a spectacular high speed crash in the closing moments of the 3rd stage of the Giro d’Italia (which was in Denmark – just to confuse those new to the sport). Have you ever noticed how the traffic on the opposite side of the road also slows when there’s a crash? Well one filmed and put on a well visited site like Yahoo is going to draw a crowd whether they’re cyclists or not. Don’t knock it – films of people slipping over, walking into doors and falling off their bikes has been Keeping You’ve Been Framed in business.

Everyone loves a crash - unfortunately

What it does show is that your average pro cyclist is a tough nut, especially when Cavendish went on to ride the team time trial on Wednesday and dominate today’s sprint finish beating former team mate and lead-out man Matt Goss . Why shouldn’t that get some attention?


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