Leave your Vespa at home, Fred Perry’s into cycling

Levis aren’t the only brand sniffing around the cycling market at the moment. I was alerted by Bicycle Basecamp that Mod-friendly Fred Perry have brought out some natty cycling-inspired kit. I have to say they’ve done a good job too. Check it out on their site.

Some of it though would take some balls to wear. White’s a chic colour in the peleton, but you’d need some confidence to pull off the white and black polka dot number.

Are you cool enough for polka dots?

I’m a big fan of the world champion stripes, especially on a black background. But in my book, you really need to have won the race to wear “the hoops”. If Fred had kept them just on the arms, not round the chest it’d be ultra-cool. Worn with the messenger bag it’s way too shouty.

World Champion's hoops - don't wear them if you haven't earnt them

The 50’s style club jerseys look nice; refreshingly understated.

What really caught my eye and may have me dusting off my wallet were the retro vented trainers. I’m on the hunt for some mid 80’s mesh and leather lace up Diadora’s (think Moser in ’84 Hour Record mode) and these come surprisingly close. Now if only I could attach some Look cleats to the soles…


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