Bye bye BoBike bike seat

As part of an ongoing garage clear out, I posted our Bobike bike seat to a lucky eBay bidder. I sincerely hope that it brings them as much pleasure as it has us.

BoBike mini seat from

The seats aren’t that common in theUK: we’ve been trained to think that a child strapped safely to the rear is the way to go. With the BoBike, the seat is mounted on the handlebar stem and the child is cocooned by the adult rider’s arms. You can chat to each other, point out things and the child can hold the handlebars giving a sense of controlling the bike. In fact my daughter was pretty miffed that I also wanted to hold the bars when we were cycling. It’s a great way for children get a feel for cycling;

The seat was always conversation starter: pedestrians would smile as they first noticed that the bike had a small windscreen fitted and then that there was a child nestled behind it. And if that didn’t alert them, then the near-continuous bell ringing would. Having people wave and smile at the child on a bike is a win-win, especially at a time when cyclists aren’t held in high esteem by pedestrians.

There was a novelty factor to the seat which is partly what attracted me to it. We never passed a bike with another one, yet it seemed eminently more stylish and practical than other seats. The only limiting factor was that the seats are best suited to step through framed bikes with swept back handlebars, the sort that are ten-a-penny in the Netherlands.

I have a treasured Father’s Day mug with a picture of my daughter in the seat and me on the bike together. I’d like to think that it’s going to a good home.


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