Levis commuter range

Spring is in the air. The south of England has “basked” in three lovely days of sunshine. Clothing retailers begin to dream of selling out of their summer stock. In these dreams, empty rails replace those formerly bursting with pastel shorts, crochet vests and sequined jumpsuits.Those are the SS2012 trend predictions hot from the presses of Vogue, not my vision of fashion hell.

Jumping onto the idea that sunshine might bring out some cyclists as well as daffodils, Levis has launched a commuter range. Whilst it may not have registered in the offices of Prada or Versace, Levis obviously see enough demand to warrant launching this. The range comprises a reworked 511 jeans, a denim jacket and a hooded “Trucker jacket”. Levis have even gone to the trouble of making a little slogan; Form. Function. Cycling which is nice.

Levis commuter range - too cool for cats

Levis commuter range - too cool for cats

There have already been a number of attempts at this market, notably Rapha’s Fixed range and some of Swrve and Howies garments. For any clothing retailer wanting to jump on the bandwagon there’s a simple formula

  1. Take a standard skinny leg trouser
  2. stitch some reflective material on the inseam of the leg
  3. stitch a hanging loop (for your impossibly small D-lock) above the rear pocket
  4. put a small reflective panel on the waistband

    Tiny D-lock for tiny bikes - presumably

I expect to see a reworked range in Top Shop before the end of the month modelled by impossibly cool hipsters.


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