Stylish prose – The Ride Journal

Stylish prose – The Ride Journal

 This isn’t a careful analysis of what makes the Ride Journal such a great cycling magazine; no, it’s a shameless plug. And a selfish one as they’re including an article I’ve written in their sxth issue. I ought to be all cool and laid back about it, but actually I’m like an excited puppy whose owner’s just returned home.

The Ride Journal 6th issue (with a Cyclostyle article inside!)

My article’s about my attitude towards two bikes in my garage; my Ron Cooper and a Betnotto 3000. It’s entitled “Friends and Lovers” and possibly hints at a need to get out a little more!

It’s unlikely you’ll have seen the magazine on the news stands, though some bike shops stock it. The Ride Journal is different from other cycling magazines. There are no race reports or bike review and all branches of the cycling family are covered. Contributions are unpaid, no matter how eminent or anonymous the author. Best of all, all profits go to cycling charities. Please buy a copy; you can order online.

The sixth issue launch will be this Friday at London cycling Mecca, Look Mum No Hands. Obviously I’m expecting a red carpet, paparazzi and the movers and shakers of the London scene rubbing shoulders with the crème of British cycling. I’ll get my publicist to post a report soon.

  1. Congratulations. Very cool. Excellent cover photo too!

    • Thank mate! When are we going to see an axetogrind article in Guitarist magazine?

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