Style crimes – UCI World Cup winners jersey

The Olympic build up trundels on. London’s flashy new velodrome is hosting the latest UCI World Cup round. Everything’s looking good; the velodrome’s offering world record rides, the GB team continues to look strong and the BBC are behind the sport with prime time viewing. The only thing not looking good is the winners’ jerseys. I know it’s not the World Championships where there’s an opportunity to wear the coverted rainbow hoops, in my opinion, the classiest of all the jerseys, but surely the UCI could’ve come up with something better. Winners are asked to don something that most of us wouldn’t wear to repaint our spare room. You’ve just riden yourself into oblivion to make the top spot on the podium and you’re presented with a bland, grey dishcloth of a garment to receive your winners medal and bunch of flowers.

World Cup winners jersey - disappointingly bland

On a positive style note – some of the team strips were looking pretty good. The Belgians, Italians (you’d expect it really) and Colombian strips all looked very stylish. The Colombian’s getting extra marks for a nicely co-ordinated paint job on their frames. The GB strip remains the most innovative (in my biased view) incorporating the red and blue of the flag and the sprinting lines for a clever asymetric look.


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