Stylish prose – Wired Magazine

Wired is to the digital industry what Vogue is to fashion. It’s a must-read for any self respecting digitista. I’m always interested when a well known publication goes outside it’s comfort zone with an article: like Wired talking about bikes.

I was looking at the cuttings I’d accumulated recently which included some of Wired’s Fetish pages. Fetish is where the magazine offers spending suggestions to young entrepreneurs with seed funding burning a hole in their chino pockets. If you’re worried about how to choose your first microlight or upgrade your personal submarine, fear not because the Wired’s Fetish section’s here to help.

Imagine you’re in the market for something as simple as a new bike. What might you go for? A practical hybrid? A folding commuter bike? Not according to Wired’s editorial team. Think Japanese artisan-crafted titanium-framed road bike, Portland-sourced single speed cyclocrosser or better still an Alaskan snow racing bike with balloon tyres. Remember that Wired’s for the stuff you don’t yet know you need.

Complementing the Fetish pages, is Wired’s “wired/tired/expired” section. This succinctly distils their trend predictions into

stuff you own – expired
stuff you were thinking of upgrading to – tired
stuff you’ve never heard of – expired

Were Wired to do this for bikes it might read like this

Single speed cyclocross (wired) Cyclocross (tired) Fixed gear (expired)
Snow-racing bike (wired) Hardtail 29er (tired) Full suspension (expired)
Bamboo frame (wired)Titanium frame (tired) Carbon frame (expired)
Randonneur (wired) Porteur (tired) Track bike (expired)
Tweed (wired) Sportwool (tired) Lycra (expired)
Paris-Brest-Paris (wired) Etape du Tour (tired) London to Brighton (expired)

Next time you’re in Shoreditch or Greenwich Village and you’re passed by a bamboo framed single speed snow racing bike (in the middle of summer), you’ll know that the rider’s a Wired reader.


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