Stylish prose – Condor Cycles “Past Present Future”

I’d heard about this book from Philip Diprose, editor of The Ride Journal [1]. Although I often work in London, I rarely seem to have time to drop into Condor Cycles. Probably a good thing as their showroom does nothing to abate the sense of envy. I’d only popped in to check on the details of my Condor before it hits eBay for the hoards to pick over [2]

Condor history book "Past Present Future"

My first visit to Condor was about ten years ago and found me gazing through the second hand rack downstairs [3] I spotted a red Condor road bike with Campagnolo Victory components. “How much is this?” I asked “well that’s a bit special” replied the mechanic, “it’s owned by a celebrity”. Who would have known that the godfather of British alternative comedy, Alexei Sayle was not just a keen cyclist, but also a Condor owner? This was my first encounter with the rarefied world of “celebrity cycling”.

Turns out that Dusty Springfield used a Condor tandem to arrive event in London once. Jon Snow commutes on a Condor and Mick Jagger’s owned one. And how do I know all this? Well, these and many more gems of information are all contained in “Past, Present, Future”. There’s also some lavish photography for the frame fetishists.

I recently blogged about bike shops but I struggle to categorise Condor. There’s an element of the “Mecca”. They’re definitely an “address”. The volume of high quality stock puts them close to a “superstore”, but the staff attitude is much friendlier. Whatever they are, it’s worth a browse.

[1] I’m hoping they’ll include an article I wrote about my Ron Cooper and Benotto 3000 bikes in their next issue.

[2] It turns out it was Reynolds 531, as I thought, with custom braze-ons for the cantilever brakes.

[3] Downstairs at Condor is now far too chic to sport a second-hand rack.

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  1. Claire @ Condor said:

    Thanks for taking the time to look over the book and for your kind comments.
    We’ll have a look over your Ron Cooper article. Very worthy of a twitter mention at least.

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