Super Mario gets Italy back on the right road

Phew, the Eurozone debt crisis is going to be solved, so my paper tells me, by “Super Mario” who took office today. Obviously the technocrat Mario Monti is the man in the frame. For those of us of a two-wheeled persuasion, there could have been a very different outcome. One which could have offered a far more interesting prospect than the of the previous decade of Berlusconi’s stewardship. The “Super Mario” of world champion cycling fame, Snr Mario Cipollini, once announced “if I hadn’t been a professional cyclist, I’d probably have been a porn star”. Well in Italian politics he’d probably be in good company.

Super Mario in action (photo from

 So is it really out with the bunga-bunga parties and hair implants and in with the outrageous skin suits? Any man who has the balls to ride a tiger-print skin suit (another peleton nick name was “Il Re Leone” – the Lion King) has to be worthy of consideration. It’s hardly “la bella figura”, but it’s a nice daydream that “Cipo” would take office. What he’d do when he’s in there is anyone’s guess.


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